auma creatives
auma creatives
Full Service Social Media Marketing

 We’ve been creating products and growing brands on social media since 2015. using creativity and consistency, we help you make your brand stand out, Whether that be being your primary content provider, graphic designer, Product designer, web designer, or managing your social accounts, we handle everything in house.

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We Engage a Real Organic Audience To Bring Sales, Not Just Likes 

With high quality content and fast turn-around times, we take pride in allowing you to market products in real time. Consistency as a brand is the first step in building a true, organic fan base, allowing you to advertise effectively, converting your followers into repeating customers.


We never buy followers. Not only does Instagram flag you for this, but your potential followers pick up on this too. A page that has 100k followers looks like a big time brand, but with looking farther into the brand you'll notice a lot of pages only have 98 likes and no comments. We run all of our managed accounts through industry standard programs to test authenticity and make sure that the ratio between followers and engagements stays organic.


Targeting people that are actually interested in your brand is something we specialize in. Provided a monthly ad budget, we direct, and redirect your audience where you want them to go.